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Here’s How to Get Your FREE iPhone 11

First things first, you’re gonna have to sign up to become a Beta tester.

In order to get started with that, select which color you want (Black or Peach are available).

Next, go ahead and type in your email address (perhaps the one you use most often?)

Once you’ve entered your email, follow the instructions to see how you can get your FREE iPhone.

By the way, you need to visit www.freeiphone11.xyz to begin this process.

If you have questions about how to get your free iPhone try clicking he Contact link at the bottom of this page.  After that a form will appear which you can complete with your name, email address, and question (it doesn’t show how many characters are allowed in the message box).

Awesome Features of Your Free iPhone 11 

  • The Camera – Just wait until you see its zooming capabilities (you’re gonna be stunned!)
  • Battery – Sick of a battery with ZERO legs?  This one’s gonna last you 4 hours longer!
  • Speed – Yep, it’s quite a bit faster than those old dinosaurs out there (as if that’s a surprise to anyone)
  • Display – This phone is taking HD to a whole new level (so go ahead and soak up the eye candy!)

In addition to the contact form, you can also view the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy located at the bottom of the page.

Finally, be sure to let us know what you think!  Has anyone successfully registered to become a beta tester?  Is www.freeiphone.xyz really giving away free iPhone 11s??  We’d love to hear about your success stories (as well as any issues you might have had).


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