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Report Your Fry Bomb!

So you got a lousy fry order from Checkers or Rally’s.

Well, don’t just sit there!  Take action!  If you do, there’s a FREE large fry in it for ya :D.

First, go ahead and grab the receipt from the order you received the “fry bomb” in.

Once you have it, go to the online survey and enter the state, city, location, date of visit, and check number.

You can also review the terms of the offer at the bottom of www.frybomb.com.

Look, we’ve all had a bad fry order in our fast food dining careers (think back to all the times you received a cold, soggy, and under-seasoned order).  The good news is, Rally’s and Checkers are finally doing something about it!  So, if you received a fry order that didn’t meet your expectations, report it!

More about the offer at www.frybomb.com

  • Be honest!  You’ll need to answer ALL questions TRUTHFULLY
  • You can only get one free fry every 14 days
  • Your free fry will be awarded in the form of a coupon
  • The coupon is only good for 14 days after it’s been issued

By the way, don’t try “gaming the system” by using a different email address to get more than one free fry every 14 days.  Why?  For starters, it’s just plain wrong.  Secondly, you may be disqualified if you do so.

Finally, we should point out that the offer at www.frybomb.com is not available for online or delivery orders.  Which seems to make a lot of sense because an order of fries that’s been sitting in a delivery car can’t be asked to stack up to one that’s fresh out the fryer!

Checkers Headquarters

  • 4300 West Cypress St., Suite 600
  • Tampa, FL 33607
  • 813-283-7000


Another survey offer!  Talk to AMC and win $100!



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