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Funimation Digital Copy

Did you receive a Funimation case with the words “digital copy” on it?

In that case, today’s your lucky day!  Why you ask??  You’re about to be treated to a FREE digital copy of the content you purchased.

In order to redeem your digital copy, you’ll first need to find your redemption code (it’s located within your case).

Once you’ve got your hands on the code, go to the redemption page and click the Redeem Code button to proceed.

You can also browse a brief set of FAQs at www.funimationdigitalcopy.com.

Now at this point you may be asking yourself when you can expect your content to show up in your digital library.  You’re about to be floored by how awesome the answer to this question is.  IMMEDIATELY.  After you’ve successfully redeemed your code you can start watching your content without a moment’s hesitation!

A few more things about www.funimationdigitalcopy.com

  • Hopefully you’re not traveling because the code will only work in the country your purchased the content in!
  • You can find all of your digital copies under the My library section of your account (that goes for the app too).
  • Streaming is supported by iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Do you have old Ultra Violet labeled copies?  Don’t worry you should still be able to access your content at www.funimationdigitalcopy.com
  • Have an old copy lying around that hasn’t been redeemed?  Well snap to it!  You should still be able to get your digital copy!

By the way, you can get help with the redemption process by clicking the customer Support link at the bottom of the page.  Additionally, you can browse the Frequently Asked Questions (sometimes this is the fastest way to get an answer).

Want to follow Funimation on social media?  There’s a buncha links at the bottom of the redemption page which you can connect with!


Another thing to redeem!

Redeem your Virgin Mobile Reward Card (if you have one).

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