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Game Day Sara Lee Deli Sweepstakes:  A Quick Run Down

  • The sweepstakes is now taking entries at its registration page
  • Participants may enter the sweepstakes one time each day
  • There is just one prize available in this sweepstakes

When a sweepstakes is only offering 1 prize, chances are it’s going to be pretty good.  For example,most would like agree the Grand Prize of 10 tickets to a football game is something to write home about (at least for sports fans).  While this may seem too good to be true, that’s exactly what’s being offered in the Family Gameday Experience Sweepstakes from Sara Lee.  In order to enter, participants must go to the online entry page and complete the registration form.  Once the form is completed, the participant must check a box to confirm they agree to the Official Rules before submitting the entry.

Yes, there are rules.  Here’s a few that standout. 

  • The sweepstakes lasts 2 months from December 29th, 2019 through February 28th
  • Those who live in Alaska or Hawaii are not eligible to participate on the sweepstakes
  • A drawing will be held around March 4th to decide who gets the tickets (good luck!)
  • The 10 tickets must be used in the continental United States during the 2019 season

While on the topic of the Grand Prize, it should be pointed out that the full details of the prize are located within the Official Rules.  Those who want to take a look can do so by clicking the Official Rules link at the bottom of the online entry page (the prize package includes a lot of perks so might as well find out what’s on the line!).

By the way, those who could use some handy recipes can click the link at the top of the entry page for meals that can be made using Sara Lee products (a strategy also used by the Sweet Baby Ray’s Double Down Vegas Giveaway).  In addition to the recipes, the entry page also offers a comprehensive list of products made by Sara Lee.

Sponsor of the Game Day Sara Lee Deli Sweepstakes

  • Tyson Foods, Inc.
  • 400 S. Jefferson St.
  • Chicago, IL 60607


Don’t stop winning! (or at least trying to)



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