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GE Customer Net

  • Existing users can login with SSO User ID
  • New users can register for online access
  • Quick product search option is available

Being unable to remember an account password is never a good feeling (at least not for those who enjoy when a day goes smoothly).  However, when this all to common situation arises it can usually be remedied without even lifting a finger to make a phone call.  Those who find themselves locked out of the GE Customer Net portal due to a lost or forgotten password can help themselves by regaining account access all from the comfort of a computer chair (hopefully an ergonomic one!).  The process of regaining access can be initiated by clicking the Password link to be redirected to a new page where an email address and User ID can be entered before clicking the Search button to continue.  Those who can’t recall a User ID can begin by clicking the SSO User ID link and entering an email address and name (first and last) before clicking the Search button to proceed with the recovery process.

More on GE Customer Net

  • Products can be searched by model number or by product brand, line, and type
  • Trade partners can gain direct access to GE Appliances for Professionals (sweet!)
  • Employees of GE customers can shop for appliances online (perks are always nice)
  • Users have direct access to track products shipped by FedEx (a link is provided)
  • Those with a GE Appliance account can use the convenient Brochure Wizard

Users who plan on needing consistent access to the GE Customer Net portal should consider checking the box posted under the login fields to have the SSO User ID remembered for future sessions (one less step is always a plus!).  Those who have yet to sign up for online access can begin by completing an online form with an email address, first name, middle initial, last name, User ID, and password.  Over the phone assistance with the GE Customer Net registration process is available by calling 800-242-1333.  Those with corporate-related questions for GE can try reaching out to the company’s headquarters in Fairfield, CT.

GE Headquarters Contact Information

  • 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06828
  • 203-373-2211