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Geico Reporters Hub:  How to File a Claim

  • Customers can file a claim with or without logging in
  • The system provides filing for additional Geico policies
  • Customers can look up the status of an existing claim

Being stuck on the side of the road is no place anyone chooses to be.  Fortunately, Geico has come up with a way to resolve this type of situation that’s even FASTER than a phone call.  The Geico reporters hub allows customers to file an online claim for roadside assistance in a mere matter of minutes.  In order to begin a claim, customers must enter a first name, last name, and policy number.  Once the customer enters the required information they can click the Continue button to proceed.  Alternatively, customers can initiate online filing by logging in with their Geico User ID and password.

More on Geico Roadside Assistance

  • The service covers labor for having a flat tire replaced (one less thing to worry about!)
  • Customers can rely on Geico covering tow charges that aren’t related to an accident
  • The coverage takes care of jump starts (sometimes a quick jump is all that’s necessary)
  • Lock those keys in the car?  Geico roadside assistance covers up to $100 to get back in

By the way, customers who are having problems locating their policy number can click the ? icon posted at the Geico reporters hub.  After clicking the icon, customers can view image of where the policy number is located on an ID card, declaration page, and billing statement.

In addition to the policy number help, customers can also report claim under other policies directly from the Geico reporters hub.  In order to do so, the customer must select the type of policy from the drop down list.  Meanwhile, those who want to see what’s going on with an existing claim can do so by clicking the link at the right side of the page.

Geico Roadside Assistance Phone Number

  • 800-424-3426


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