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Get Retirement Right!  Here’s How

  • The portal provides access to a variety of users
  • Online login credential recovery is available
  • Users can contact Retirement Services for help

Getting retirement right is easier said than done.  While this may be the case, Mutual of Omaha is doing its part to make planning for the future as easy as possible.  For instance, the aptly named Get Retirement Right portal allows users to take advantage of features such as account rollovers, retirement calculations, and smart saving information (some would say “The Big 3” of retirement tools).  In order to access an account, the user will first need to select what type of user they are (employee, employer, or advisor).  Once the account type is selected, the user can enter a username and password to proceed.  Those who have forgotten a username or password can begin account recovery by clicking the links below the login fields. 

Calculators That Can Help You Get Retirement Right  

  • Savings Calculator – Users can find out how much they need to save each month 
  • Saving Sufficiency Calculator – Find out if those hard earned saving are enough
  • Longevity Calculator – Users can find out of the money will be there for the long haul
  • Common Sense – While not an “official” calculator a little bit goes a LONG way

Users who need to recover a username can begin by entering an email address.  Meanwhile, those who need to restore a forgotten password can enter a username to begin the recovery (sure to happen several times per week for some users!).

In addition to username and password recovery, the Get Retirement Right portal also offers easy account creation.  In order to set up an account, users will need to enter their SSN, date of birth, email address, and zip code.  Employees who are having trouble creating an account can call 888-917-7191 for assistance.  On the other hand, advisors and employers can call 
888-917-7120 for help.  

Get Retirement Right Mailing Address

  • 3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza
  • Omaha, NE 68175


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