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Get Ultimate Today! (Here’s How)

  • Reference code on the mail offer can be used to begin
  • Alternative non-reference code application is provided
  • Santander Bank customer service number is available

The thrill of receiving an exclusive credit card offer can sometimes be dampered by a tedious or hard to understand application process.  Fortunately, those who received an exclusive mail offer for the Santander Ultimate Cash Back credit card shouldn’t have to worry about encountering such a let down.  The simple process of starting an online application can be initiated by going to the Get Ultimate Today page and entering the reference code shown on the mail offer.  Once the code has been entered the last 4 digits of the applicant’s SSN can be typed in before clicking the Submit button to proceed to the online application.  Applicants who can’t seem to find the reference code may want to hover over the Where can I find my reference code? link to bring up a sample image showing exactly where it can be found on the mail offer (hint: it’s at the very top of the letter as it should be!).

Why should I get Ultimate today??

  • Score a $100 CASH BONUS when spending $500 in net new purchases in the first 90 days
  • No fees for balance transfers, returned payments, cash advances, or foreign transactions
  • Receive 1.5% in CASH BACK on all net new retail purchases (no categories and no limits!)
  • A comforting introductory APR of 3% is offered on purchases within the first 90 days
  • Cardholders will NOT have to fret over a pesky annual fee (talk about a HUGE relief!)

In the event a reference code wasn’t received the Don’t have a reference code? link can be clicked to enter a last name, date of birth, zip code, and the last 4 digits of a SSN to begin the online application process at the Get Ultimate Today page (don’t let something like a missing reference code get in the way of delicious CASH BACK!).  Those who could use some help through the application can try calling 877-768-2265 for assistance.  Corporate-related questions for the bank can be directed to the Santander offices in Boston, MA.

Santander Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 75 State St., Boston, MA 02109
  • 617-757-3410