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GGP Gift Card

  • Card number must be entered to begin
  • Gift card FAQs are available for review
  • Support is available to assist by phone

One of the most embarrassing situations a consumer can encounter when attempting to make a purchase is receiving news from the cashier that the gift card used to complete the transaction has been DECLINED (hopefully another form of payment is at hand to stop the embarrassment in its tracks then and there!).  What many may not know is that such a situation can be prevented by using the simple online balance check process many gift cards are now offering.  Those who have been fortunate enough to receive a GGP Gift Card can begin by going to the card’s homepage and clicking the Check Balance & History link.  After clicking the link cardholders will be redirected to an American Express page where the card number can be entered before clicking the See Available Funds & History button to receive the desired information.  It is important that cardholders DO NOT put any spaces between the digits when entering the card number.

Simple enough! Anything else I should know about my GGP Gift Card?

  • Value will either be shown on the front of the card or chosen at purchase (variable load)
  • Cards should usually be ready to rock and roll immediately after activation (party time!!)
  • There are ZERO fees associated with use of the card and the funds NEVER EVER expire
  • Cards can be used anywhere American Express is accepted (and that’s a lot of places!)
  • Cards with a signature panel should be signed with the cardholder’s name prior to use

Cardholders with questions may want to click the GGP Gift Card FAQ link to review the handy list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Assistance is also available by dialing 877-297-4438 (sometimes it’s just easier to make a quick call rather than searching the FAQs for an answer that may or may not be there).  Those with corporate-related questions for GGP can try getting in touch with the company’s offices in New Orleans, LA.

GGP Corporate Contact Information

  • 350 North Orleans, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60654
  • 312-960-5000