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GLC Survey

  • Code from purchase receipt is needed to begin
  • Copy of the survey’s Privacy Policy is provided
  • Grand Lux Cafe contact information is available

Online surveys are a great way for a restaurant to figure out what’s going through the minds of its customers.  However, the feedback gathered through the online survey may prove to be of little use if it’s unknown which type of experience is being rated.  Perhaps that’s why Grand Lux Cafe asks customers to first confirm if the feedback is being provided on a dine in or takeout experience before getting started with its online survey.  The feedback process can be initiated by navigating to the GLC Survey page and entering the code shown on the receipt from a recent visit.   Once the code has been entered either the Dine-in or Takeout circle must be checked before clicking the Begin Survey button to move on towards the fun part of the process (the part where an actual opinion or two can finally be shared without the pressure that comes hand in hand with to face to face criticism!).

A Pause to Take a Look at the Grand Lux Cafe Menu

  • Double Stuffed Potato Spring Rolls – Potatoes inside a spring roll? Might as well!
  • Pasta Telephono – “Dial up” a plate of tomato sauce and cheese covered pasta
  • T-Bone Steak – A delicious cut of meat that’s overlooked by many restaurants
  • Braised Pot Roast – Slow cooked and complimented with mashed potatoes
  • Super Doughnut Sundae – Doughnuts and ice cream? Where do I sign up??

Those who are interested in finding out how information shared during the feedback process may be used can find out by clicking the Privacy Policy link posted at the bottom of the GLC Survey page.  General questions or comments for the Grand Lux Cafe can be submitted by filling out the restaurant’s online contact form with a category, name, email address, phone number, address, and comments/questions (7,000 characters are provided so it shouldn’t be difficult getting the point across).  Those who would rather skip the contact form can try reaching out directly to the Grand Lux Cafe corporate office in Calabasas Hills, CA.

Grand Lux Cafe Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 26901 Malibu Hills RD., Calabasas Hills, CA 91301
  • Phone Number – 818-871-3000
  • Fax Number – 818-871-3001