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Getting Started with the Gold’s 2018 Member Survey

  • A name and location must be entered to begin
  • Copy of the survey’s Privacy Policy is provided
  • Gold’s Gym contact information is available

The importance of customer feedback cannot be overstated when the person providing the opinions is not only a customer but also a PAID MEMBER.  Gold’s Gym seems to have a solid understanding of this concept as shown by its online member feedback survey.  The Gold’s 2018 survey can be initiated by first entering a name and location of the gym being reviewed (the name of the customer NOT the gym!).  Once both pieces of information have been entered the Next button can be clicked to begin with the feedback.  At any time a previous answer needs to be changed the Back button can be clicked to jump to the last question answered.  As if it were an afterthought (which it certainly WILL NOT be for most members), it shouldn’t go without being pointed out that successful completion of the Gold’s 2018 survey earns participants a handy little water bottle holder (what good is a bottle without a holder??).

An Overhead Look at Gold’s Gym

  • Some locations may offer a 3D body scan to help build a complimentary fitness profile
  • Helps members attain goals by creating a personalized fitness plan (always plan ahead!)
  • Offers group exercise classes as well as one on one personal training (maybe try both!)
  • Provides an on the spot staff that can help answer questions that members may have
  • Some locations may offer new members a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Members who would like to get to the bottom of how any information provided during the process will be shared can do so by clicking the Privacy Policy link posted at the bottom left hand side of the Gold’s 2018 survey.  Corporate-related inquiries for Gold’s Gym can be directed to the company’s headquarters in Dallas, TX (never let a good question go without finding an equally good answer!).

Gold’s Gym Headquarters Contact Information

  • 4001 Maple Ave. Ste. 200 Dallas, TX 75219
  • 214-574-4653