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The Tyson Summer Good Messy Ribs Sweeps:  First Bite

  • Participants can enter to win a Woodwind Grill prize package
  • The sweepstakes provides a quick online entry process
  • A copy of the Official Rules is readily available

Spring is officially here, which means summer is right around the corner.  Which in turn means the backyard grills are about to become an every weekend (if not daily) focal point.  Fortunately, Tyson is about to award 15 of them to help with the increased demand!  The Tyson Summer Good Messy Ribs Sweepstakes is now open and set to award 15 prize packages, each of which features a beautiful Woodwind Grill.  In order to enter, participants must go online and fill out the form located at the registration page.

Another Chomp of the Tyson Summer Good Messy Ribs Sweeps

  • The sweepstakes runs for 5 months from April 1st, 2019 through August 31st, 2019
  • Winners will be selected randomly in a drawing at the end of the sweepstakes
  • Whoever wins a prize will receive notice via the email addressed provided at entry
  • Only 1 entry per household during the entry process (note: it isn’t PER PERSON)
  • Winners who don’t respond to notice within 3 days will forfeit their prize
  • Overall value is higher than the Food Network Harlem Eat Up Sweeps

While the Woodwind Grill is certainly the gem of the prize packs, each does include a variety of other items.  For instance, winners will also receive a patio cover, a rib rack, pellets, and a spatula set.  The total Approximate Retail Value of each prize pack comes to $1,023 (be the envy of all the neighbors!).

Please note that the parts of the entry form that request the participants favorite way to prepare ribs and how they shop for groceries are OPTIONAL.  Additionally, the entry form comes with a full only copy of the Official Rules (just take a peak below the form to find them).

Sponsor of the Tyson Summer Good Messy Ribs Sweeps

  • Tyson Foods Inc.
  • 2200 W Don Tyson Pkwy
  • Springdale, AR 72762

Address for Winners List Request

  • 1529 W. Armitage Ave.
  • Suite 202, Chicago, IL 60642



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