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Groupon My Account

  • New users can sign up for a Groupon account by completing an easy to use form
  • Existing users can access to their accounts by entering their login information

Shoppers that are taking part in the Groupon craze can gain easy access to their accounts through the company’s designated login page.  To gain the much desired account access users will need to enter their email address and password into the provided login fields.  Groupon users that are constantly searching for deals will be pleased to know that they can opt to stay logged into their account by checking a box before signing in.  New users that do not already have an account can easily create one by filling out a form that requires a full name, email address, and password. Before completing the sign up process users will need to agree to Groupon’s Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.  Users that are already registered with Facebook or Google can save themselves some time by completing the login or sign up process by using their Facebook or Google account information.

Some Fun Facts About Groupon

  • Groupon’s mission is to connect local commerce, increasing consumer buying power while driving more business to local merchants through price and discovery
  • Groupon is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange with the call symbol of GRPN
  • Over 9,000 full time employees are currently employed by Groupon
  • Groupon was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois
  • The company didn’t always go by the name Groupon as it was previously known as ThePoint.com, Inc.

Users that are interested in getting in touch with Groupon can do so by firing a letter over to 600 West Chicago Avenue Suite 400 Chicago, IL 60654.  Individuals that own telephones can reach Groupon the easy way by dialing  312-334-1579.



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