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Health First Financial Patient Portal

  • Patients can access their accounts through designated login page
  • Patients must enter email address or account number and PIN to login
  • Unique phrase or letters must be confirmed for security reasons

Patients that are in need of quick and easy account access can login to the Health First Financial Patient Portal.  To access their accounts patients must hop online and go directly to the designated portal page.  Once at the portal page patients will see three fields where information will need to be entered in order to complete the login process.  In the first field patients will need to enter either their account number or email address.  After the account number or email address has been entered, patients will need to enter their PIN into the second field.  In the third and final field, patients will need to confirm the unique phrase or letters located in the sign-in box for security purposes.  After all of the required information is entered patients will simply need to click the Submit button to login to the Health First Financial Patient Portal.

About Health First Financial

  • Health First Financial is a healthcare financing company that provides financial options for providers and patients
  • Patient out of pocket costs are funded directly to the healthcare provider
  • With First Health Financial patients can manage their balance with convenient monthly payments
  • The payment program is offered to any patient that is willing and able to make a payment regardless of credit score

To reach Health First Financial by mail please write to 400 International Way Suite 220 Springfield, OR 97477.  For questions regarding patient accounts individuals will need to call 888-394-3133 or send an email to customer@healthfirstfinancial.com.  Individuals with questions concerning new providers or client services should call 855-642-2400 or send an email over to cs@healthfirstfinancial.com.



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