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Hearst Settlement:  How to Get Your Payment

  • Class Members can file either online or through the mail
  • The settlement notice includes a helpful list of FAQs
  • The Settlement Administrator can help answer questions

Hearst is well-known for its engaging magazines and exciting promotions (like the recent Oprah Nola sweepstakes).  However, what the company is NOT known for is being the Defendant in a class action lawsuit.  The case called Edwards v. Hearst Communications, Inc. has recently reached a settlement for a an almost inconceivable figure of $50 MILLION.  While it may be a moot point now, the case was filed by the Plaintiffs over allegations that Hearst violated Michigan privacy laws by disclosing subscription information of its customers to third parties.  On the other hand, Hearst has maintained that its practices were in compliance with the law.  At any rate, those who wish to file a claim can do so directly from the online filing page.

Important Facts to Keep In Mind About the Hearst Settlement

  • The most important date to remember is the claim filing deadline of March 25th, 2019
  • In addition to the claim deadline, the date of March 25th is also the exclusion deadline
  • $155 is an estimate of what each Class Member can expect to receive from the settlement
  • Those who don’t object or file a claim with get absolutely nothing and lose rights to sue

In order to file an online claim, Class Members must click the File a Claim tab at the settlement page to bring up the claim form.  Alternatively, Class Members can also request a paper form to send by mail.  Class Members who decide to file by mail should keep in mind that the correspondence must be post-marked by the March 25th deadline (not something to put off for another day!).

A Few Final Notes on the Hearst Settlement

  • Consumers must have had a Hearst subscription on or before July 30th, 2016
  • Additionally, consumers must have had a Michigan address to be eligible
  • The settlement’s Final Approval Hearing will take place on April 18th, 2019

By the way, those with questions about the settlement can look for answers within the FAQs included both at the settlement page and within the notice.  In addition to the FAQs, the Settlement Administrator can also help with questions.

Hearst Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91225
  • Seattle, WA 98111-9931
  • info@hearstsettlement.com
  • 888-593-6759


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