HMV-Hear My Voice Survey:  How to Begin

  • Customers can enter receipt information to begin
  • The survey provides sample images for reference
  • Customers without a receipt can use an invite card

In the fast paced world of modern consumerism, folks may find it difficult to spare a few minutes to let a business know how it’s doing.  However, when a retailers adds the opportunity to win £100 to the equation, it’s likely many patrons will suddenly a few minutes to set aside.  For instance, those who have recently visited a HMV location can accomplish this noble pursuit by taking the HMV-Hear My Voice Survey.  In order to begin, the customer must confirm whether or not they made a purchase during the visit.  Those who did pick up an item or two can proceed by entering the required information from their purchase receipt.  Once the participant completes the survey participants they will receive the opportunity to enter a monthly Prize Draw for a chance to win a gift card valued at £100.

Inside the HMV-Hear My Voice Survey Prize Draw

  • Participants can enter once each month (the multiple email side step is not allowed)
  • The draw is open to legal residents of the UK and Channel Islands who are at least 18
  • Winners will receive notice via the email address provided when they entered the draw
  • The gift cards provided by the draw are good for purchases at HMV store locations

Customers can review more information regarding the draw by clicking the Terms & Conditions link posted at the bottom of the HMV-Hear My Voice Survey.  Meanwhile, customers who are having a difficult time finding the information needed to begin the survey can try taking a look at the sample image posted at the survey (the image highlights and numbers the exact location of the required info).

Final Notes on the HMV-Hear My Voice Prize Draw

  • HMV employees are not eligible to enter the prize draw (sorry folks not this time)
  • The prize draw is conducted by a randomized computer generated process
  • Winners will only have 48 hours to confirm they accept the prize (hop to it!)
  • Has the same prize value as the Poundland Tell Us Customer Survey Draw

By the way, customers who DID NOT make a purchase at their visit to HMV can still take the survey.  In order to do so, the customer must enter the code found on the survey invitationthey received.  Finally, participants can request the names of the winners by writing to HMV customer services (don’t sleep on it too long as the winner’s name will only be available for up to one month after the close of the specific Prize Draw).

HMV Customer Services Address

  • Retail Limited, Mermaid House, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London EC4V 3DB


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