www.hulu.com/forgot – Begin Hulu Forgotten Password Recovery

What to Do After Forgetting a Hulu Account Password

  • An email address can be entered to receive a reset link
  • Option is provided in the event an email is forgotten
  • Hulu customer service contact information is available

It’s hard to imagine something more frustrating than the act of staring blankly at one’s account login screen with not even a remote idea as to what the password is.  Fortunately, Hulu customers can take swift action to remedy such a situation thanks to the online password recovery process found at www.hulu.com/forgot.  The process of getting an account back in action can be initiated by first entering the email address used to register.  Once the email address has been entered the Send Me a Reset Link button can be tapped to have a link sent that can be used to initiate the  password reset process.  Those who suddenly recall the original password can cancel the reset process by clicking the Login button at the top right corner of the Hulu forgotten password recovery page to be redirected to the login screen where an email address and password can be entered to gain access.

Original Shows Offered by Hulu

  • Runaways – Focuses on high school students who discover they have superpowers
  • Future Man – Chaos ensues when a janitor concurs a nearly impossible video game
  • The Wrong Mans – A comedic series that offers a touch of action (half hour episodes)
  • 11/22/1963 – A high school teacher finds a portal that leads back to the year 1960
  • Chance – A thrilling series based on a novel by Kem Nunn (buckle up for the ride!)

Those who begin the password recovery process only to come to the dreadful realization they also have no clue as to what email address was used to register the account (talk about a double whammy!) can remain calm as the link at the bottom of the Hulu forgotten password recovery page can be clicked to find the account (information about the credit card on file will need to be entered).  General customer inquiries can be addressed by calling Hulu’s toll-free customer service phone number (sometimes the easiest way to handle things is a quick phone call).

Hulu Customer Service Phone Number

  • 888-265-6650