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Humana Trover Solutions Injury/Illness Questionnaire

  • You’ll need to reference the letter you received to get started
  • Customer service is available to help answer your questions
  • A handy Frequently Asked Questions list is also available
  • Begin the questionnaire in English or Spanish at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Every so often, an insurance company needs a little more information about your injury or illness.  When this happens, you’ll often see a request to fill out a questionnaire come your way.  For example, Humana is using a brief and simple online form to gather this type of info.  If you received a request in the mail, grab your letter and do the following!

How to start your questionnaire at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Did you take notice of that Web Code shown on the letter?  Go ahead and enter into into the corresponding field.

What about the reference number?  Take a moment to find it if needed.  Once you’ve got it, punch it on in!

Last name of the patient.  This is self explanatory in most cases but it’s also shown on the letter you received (hey, we all have days where the ole’ memory isn’t up to speed!).

Please note that you can get more information about all 3 pieces of information needed to begin the questionnaire by clicking the ? icon located next to each field.

Now that you know how to launch the questionnaire, let’s find out what to do if you have questions about it.  Fortunately, there’s a convenient list of FAQs that’ll provide answers to common questions.  Additionally, you can contact customer service if you don’t see the answers you need in the FAQs.  How you ask??  Just dial 800-598-2488.  They’re only available between the hours listed in the FAQs so please plan your call accordingly!

Need to get a hold of Humana headquarters?

Here ya go:

500 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 USA.


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