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iConnect Infosys Online Portal

  • Frequently Asked Questions list is available
  • Password recovery assistance is provided
  • Infosys contact information is available

One of the key features of any online portal is its ability to provide users with quality SUPPORT.  The importance of this is on display with the iConnect Infosys portal.  Those who find themselves staring blankly at the screen with question after question popping in and out of their heads can click the FAQ link to be directed to a new page that includes an EXTENSIVE list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Those who have found an answer satisfactory enough to ease the ole’ noggin can hit the back button on the browser to return to the login screen where a username and password can be entered to gain access.  It should be pointed out that RSA users will need to click the link posted beneath the login fields to be directed to a different login screen where a username and password along with a passcode can be entered to sign into the iConnect Infosys portal.

An Overhead View Infosys

  • The company is a worldwide leader in next generation digital services and consulting
  • Provides services to clients in 45 different countries (talk about a MASSIVE footprint!)
  • Currently provides work to more than 200,000 employees across the globe (stunning)
  • Nearly 99% of the company’s revenues are from existing clients (relationship focused)

Users who feel their existing password has gotten a bit stale can click the Change Password link to be directed to a new page where an email address, old password, and new password can be entered to begin the reset process.  A full list of password requirements can be reviewed by reading the information found beneath the password change fields.  It should be pointed out that users should log off after the password change has been made and wait for at least 15 minutes before attempting to login again.  Those with questions can try clicking the Contact Us link posted at the bottom of the iConnect Infosys portal to send an email to support.

Support Email Address

  • ISCitrixSupport@infosys.com