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Activating a Device for IFC

  • Viewers must enter an activation code to begin
  • Viewers must login to their TV provider account
  • The system provides its Privacy Policy and Terms

Many people often struggle to find something worthwhile to watch on TV.  However, that doesn’t always need to be the case thanks to the many networks that now provide online streaming services.  For instance, IFC viewers can now set themselves up to watch their favorite content at a moment’s notice.  Viewers can initiate online streaming for the network’s content by going to the IFC Activate page and entering the activation code.  After entering the code, viewers will then need to click the Submit button to proceed (almost identical to the CBS Samsung TV device activation process).  The process of activating a streaming device can be completed by logging into a TV provider account (a few minutes of time is well worth the seemingly endless hours of streaming that will be received in return!).

What should I watch once I’m done activating my device??

  • Brockmire – A baseball announcer attempts to reclaim his love of the game
  • Portlandia – A strange series that is sure to generate some serious laughs
  • Night Flight – Viewers can buckle up and get ready for a ride back to the 80’s
  • Documentary Now – A show that makes of parody of the documentary genre
  • Baroness von Sketch Show – A sketch comedy that likes to explore the absurd

Viewers can review AMC Network’s Privacy Policy by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the IFC Activate page (IFC is part of the AMC family of networks).  In addition to the Privacy Policy, AMC also provides a copy of its Terms of Use and policy regarding Cookies.  AMC accepts inquiries at the network’s headquarters located in New York, NY.

AMC Headquarters Contact Information

  • 11 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001
  • 212-324-8500


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