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IP 360 Web Pay

  • Citation Number and PIN are needed
  • Sample images of notice are provided
  • Frequently Asked Questions available

Getting hit with a red light camera ticket is bad enough on its own without any added hassle when trying to get it taken care of.  Fortunately, those who have been directed to the IP 360 Web Pay page won’t have to worry about insult on top of injury.  The simple process of getting rid of a pesky red light ticket can be initiated upon arrival at the payment processing page by clicking the Pay/View Ticket button and entering a Citation Number along with a PIN before clicking the Login button.  Those who are having a hard time finding the information required to login can try clicking the links posted at the upper right hand corner of the IP 360 Web Pay page to view sample images showing where the information can be found on a notice (located at the top right corner of the notice within the red square).  Those with questions regarding red light camera enforcement can search for the answers they need by clicking the Learn More button to review the available FAQs.

A Closer Look at Red Light Camera Enforcement

  • Systems are proven to reduce frequency of red light running and speed-related wrecks
  • Red light cameras are enforced 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (including holidays)
  • Violation data includes images, video, plate photos, and owner registration information
  • Fines can be paid by phone, on the web, or by mail (instructions posted on the notice)
  • The amount of the fine that is associated with a red light camera violation is $50.00

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 or higher are the recommend browsers for use of the IP 360 Web Pay page.  Maryland and Ohio residents can review state-specific FAQs by clicking the buttons posted under the Automated Speed Enforcement FAQs section.  Drivers who are looking to appeal a ticket can review the back of the citation for instructions on how to do so.