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How to Begin the Jack’s Feedback SMG Survey

  • Customers can provide feedback with or without an invitation
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • Customers can review the survey’s Terms and Privacy Policy

Any place that provides a hearty meal that’s also easy on the wallet is deserving of some honest feedback.  While folks not living in the southeastern part of the country may not be familiar with the chain, Jack’s definitely fits this description.  For instance, the restaurant is now offering a variety of savory comfort food plates starting at just $4.99 (hard to remember the last time we’ve seen a quality meal for under $5).  Those who want to provide feedback on the experience can begin by going to the Jack’s Feedback SMG online survey.  Once at the survey, the customer can enter the 18 digit code from their receipt to begin with the feedback (unlike the Woods Feedback Web survey, no Store ID is needed).

A Quick Peak Inside Jack’s Menu

  • Breakfast Special – With bacon, eggs, and biscuits & gravy it’s easy to see why it’s special
  • Big Jack – Two big ole’ beef patties topped with all of the classic hamburger ingredients
  • Chicken Dinner – Take one bite of the crispy chicken and you’ll feel like a “winner winner”
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese – A hot pie filled with cream cheese and strawberries

In addition to the survey, Jack’s also allows customers to provide feedback without an invitation.  In order to do so, customers must click the Continue button at the beginning of the survey.  Meanwhile, those who would rather provide feedback in Spanish can do so by clicking the Español link located at the bottom of the survey.

Why take the Jack’s Feedback SMG Survey?

  • Let’s face it, it’s nice having your opinions heard every once in a while
  • It takes much less time than driving to a Jack’s and talking to a manager
  • It’s hard to ignore the good feeling that often comes after taking a survey

By the way, those who want to check out the Terms & Conditions of the survey can do so by clicking the link located at the bottom right hand side of the page.  Additionally, the survey also provides a copy of its Privacy Policy.

Jack’s Corporate Offices

  • 124 W Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209
  • 205-945-8167


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2 thoughts on “www.jacksfeedback.smg.com – Take Jack’s Guest Feedback Survey

  1. Jack’s location at 11 Argo Parkway, store 250, managed at this time by Monique Pulliman, serves good food but cannot get it to the customer. I just got home and opened my drive through order and is is wrong. It is every time. I was in a hurry , I know better , I should have went inside and inspected the food before it went into the sack. Ray Busler , resident of Argo Alabama and former Jack’s customer.

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