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Jamba Satisfaction Survey

  • Code located on purchase receipt is needed
  • Copy of the survey’s Privacy Policy is provided
  • Jamba Juice contact information is available

It can be argued that the opinions provided by a customer base have the potential to be just as valuable to a business as the dollars used to pay for its goods or services.  Customers who wouldn’t mind sharing some valuable information with Jamba Juice can do so by providing feedback on a recent experience through the restaurant’s online survey.  The Jamba Satisfaction Survey can be initiated by entering the 15 digit code found at the bottom of the purchase receipt.  Once the code has been successfully entered into 5 separate fields the Start button can be clicked to move on towards the actual opinion portion of the feedback process (time to get on with the fun part!).  Customers who are a bit on edge when it comes to online privacy issues may want to calm the ole’ nerves by reviewing the Privacy Policy located at the bottom right hand side of the Jamba Satisfaction Survey.

A Brief Intermission to Explore the Jamba Juice Menu

  • La Vida Mocha – Jump start the day with this delicious cold brew coffee blend
  • Island Pitaya Bowl -Jam-packed with the nutrients needed throughout the day
  • Sweet n’ Spicy Flatbread – A chicken suitable for all taste buds on crisp flatbread
  • Kale Boost – A smoothie that blends in one of the world’s hottest “super foods”
  • Orange Supreme – Orange, carrot, apple, juices with banana and chia seeds

It should be noted that by taking the Jamba Satisfaction Survey participants are agreeing to its use of cookies (not the doughy morsels often made with oatmeal or chocolate chips) and other data collection technology.  Those who want to provide feedback directly through the Jamba Juice website can do so by filling out an online form with a feedback type, location, visit information, contact details, and comments.  Customers with general questions for Jamba Juice can trying calling the restaurant’s toll-free number 7 days a week between the hours of 7 AM and 11 PM CST.

Jamba Juice Contact Phone Number

  • 866-4-R-FRUIT (866-473-7848)