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JLA Blankets

  • Register product online
  • Login to existing account with user name and password

Shoppers who have recently purchased a JLA Blankets product should put some serious consideration into getting the product registered.   Once a JLA Blankets product is registered owners will be contacted with important notices pertaining to the product they have purchased.  In addition owners will be able to view all products that they have registered in one convenient place.

Create an account to register the product

  •  To create and account owners will need to click the Create Account button found on the JLA Blankets homepage
  • Owners will be taken to a form that will require a name, company, address, city, state, postal code, country, and phone number
  • The user’s email address will be used as the User ID
  • A password must be created with a minimum of 6 characters in length
  • Owner will have the option to receive emails regarding registered product notifications and the latest information on products and services

Existing user login

  • Existing users can login through the JLA Blankets homepage by entering a username and password into the provided fields
  • Users that would like to stay logged into their accounts can check the Keep me logged in option when signing in
  • Users that have forgotten their passwords will need to click the Forgot password? link
  • To reset a passwords users will need to enter their username (email address) and new password – an email will be sent to the user with a link provided to confirm the new password

JLA customers that are having problems with their heating product can click the Trouble Shoot button found on the JLA Blankets homepage.  Customers will be directed to a 9 step trouble shooting guide that provides straight forward instructions to help get the problem solved.  To reach JLA Blankets customer service by phone owners can dial 1-866-456-8852.




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