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Rate Your Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy Visit 

  • Information from a receipt is needed to begin
  • Contact form can be used for survey questions
  • John Hopkins contact information is available

Customers who wish to provide feedback on a recent John Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy visit need look no further than the retailer’s convenient online satisfaction survey.  The process can be initiated by first entering a location, date of the visit, and time of the visit before clicking the Start button to proceed towards the survey.  Those who can’t recall any or all of the information needed to begin the survey can try referring to a receipt or invoice as both should display all three items.  Please note that the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy visit survey provides sample images of a receipt and invoice showing where the location, date of the visit, and time of the visit can be found (can’t go wrong with a good visual reference!).

Services Offered by Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy

  • Prescription transfers can be made over the phone or in person at a store
  • Patients without insurance may be eligible for the medication access list
  • An employee workplace delivery service is offered (a HUGE convenience!)
  • The pharmacy team can help customers better understand insurance plans
  • Prescription refills can be ordered by phone using the touch tone key pad

The Johns Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacy visit survey’s Privacy Policy can be reviewed by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the page (never a bad thing to become more familiar with).  In addition to the Privacy Policy, a link is also provided for a contact form that can be used to ask questions about the survey.  When filling out the contact form a name, phone number, and email address can be entered before typing in the question.  General questions for John Hopkins can be addressed by contacting the hospital’s patient relations department.

John Hopkins Patient Relations Address

  • 600 North Wolfe St., Nelson 170, Baltimore, MD 21287



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