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Entering the KFC Adopt a Colonel Bear Giveaway

  • An email address must be entered to begin
  • The Terms & Conditions can be reviewed
  • A list of prize winners can be requested

The fast food chain that was bold enough to give away a Colonel Sanders Floatie is back at it again with a new contest that is set to award 705 very lucky individuals with their very own Colonel Bear figurine (feel free to take a moment and pick your jaw up off the floor).  The KFC Adopt a Colonel Bear Giveaway can be entered by going to the online registration page and entering an email address.  Once an email address has been entered the Terms & Conditions of the giveaway must be agreed to before proceeding with the entry process.  Those who actually want to READ the Terms & Conditions BEFORE agreeing to them can do so by clicking the link posted below the email address field.

Okay okay, so what are some of these rules?

  • Runs for about 3 weeks beginning September 17th, 2018 and ending October 5th
  • There is a limit of just 1 entry per person for the entirety of the giveaway (get in!)
  • The winners will be decided in a drawing held on or around October 10th, 2018
  • Odds of winning depend on the amount of eligible entries (as would be expected)

Anyone lucky enough to come away with a prize will be notified by email no later than the end of the day on October 10th, 2018.  While on the subject of prizes, it should be pointed out that each of the Colonel Sanders bears hold a retail value of $46 (not too shabby!).  When added up, the grand total Approximate Retail Value of all 705 prizes comes to a stunning $32,430.  Those interested in finding out the names of those who won a prize can send a request to the Sponsor.

KFC Adopt a Colonel Bear Giveaway Sponsor

  • KFC Corporation
  • 1900 Colonel Sanders Ln.
  • Louisville, KY 40204


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