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Making a Kmart Layaway Payment

  • Account login is required to begin payment process
  • Extensive Frequently Asked Questions are provided
  • Customer service contact information is available

Making a payment for an item on layaway is a necessary step (necessary if one ever wants to receive the item that is).  With that being said, such an important process should never be overly complicated for the customer.  Fortunately, those who have chosen to purchase an item on layaway from Kmart won’t have to worry about a burdensome or convoluted online payment process.  A Kmart layaway payment can be initiated by going to the store’s online layaway center and clicking the Make a Payment circle to be directed to a login screen where an email address and account password can be entered to gain access and take care of the payment.  Those who have yet to sign up for online access can do so by clicking the Join for Free link and filling out the available Kmart membership registration form.  Once a new account has been successfully created an email address and password can be entered to sign in and make the Kmart layaway payment.

More on Kmart Layaway Contracts

  • Most contracts run for 8 weeks (plenty of time to come up with the needed cash!)
  • 12 week contracts are available in-store for purchases of $300 or more (space it out)
  • 8 week contracts require a $5 service fee while 12 weeks contracts require a $10 fee
  • Canceled contracts will refund all payments made to date other than the service fees
  • 8 week contracts require 4 payments while 12 week contracts require 6 payments

It is important to point out that there is a 7 day grace period for Kmart layaways payments that are missed.  Payments that are still not made after the grace period has ended will cause the contract to be cancelled and the item to be returned to stock.  In addition to losing the item, a cancellation fee will be applied due to contracts canceled for missed payments (it PAYS to PAY on time!).  It should be noted that a $10 down payment is required for all items being purchased on layaway.  Questions about the Kmart layaway program can be addressed by reaching out to the store’s customer service department.

Kmart Customer Service Contact Information

  • prorders@customerservice.kmart.com
  • 888-331-4568