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Kroger Clinic Feedback

  • You can complete a brief online survey to provide feedback
  • Check out the status bar for an update on your progress
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • Terms and privacy policy available at www.krogerclinicfeedback.com

If you’ve popped into a Little Clinic lately, you may have been invited to take its online customer survey.  In order to begin, simply visit the survey start page and confirm whether more not you’re at least 18.  Once you confirm you are, you can then move onto the first question of the survey.

More About the Survey at www.krogerclinicfeedback.com

You can choose between English or Spanish by clicking the link at the start of the survey.

Wondering how much longer it will take?  Take a look at the progress bar at the bottom of the page (it’ll give you a percentage of how far you’ve gone).

You’ll need to confirm whether you are a patient, attended with a patient, or did not attend the appointment (not sure who would fall under the last but it is what it is!).

Move through the survey by clicking the Next button after you answer each question.

By the way, you can review the survey’s terms and privacy policy by clicking the links at the bottom right hand side of the page.  Additionally, the survey provides a copy of The Little Clinic’s privacy practices and patient bill of rights.

The Little Clinic Fun Facts

  • Care is provided by board-certified nurse practitioners and/or physician assistants (nice to know you’re in good hands!)
  • The clinic started out in 2003 with the first opening in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Today the clinic has expanded to over 200 locations throughout various regions of the country
  • Can be found in stores such as Dillons, King Soopers, Jay C, Kroger, and Fry’s

Questions for The Little Clinic?  Call toll-free to 877-852-2677 for assistance!


Get in touch by mail!  Here’s the address.

The Little Clinic Mailing Address

  • The Little Clinic Corporate Office
  • 2620 Elm Hill Pike
  • Nashville, TN 37214


Here’s another feedback opportunity!

Take the NTB Customer First Survey


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