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How to Participate in the Lamad Survey 

  • For starters, you’ll need the code from your survey invitation
  • HINT:  The code will be 16 digits in length
  • You can  check out the privacy policy and terms at the bottom of the survey
  • Hit the START button once you’ve enter the code at www.lamadsurvey.com

While on the topics of codes, you’ll receive a different code once you’re done giving feed back (it’ll only take a minute or 2 so no need to grab a snack and settle in for the long haul).  This new code is called a “validation code” which is used to validate your participation in the Lamad Survey.  When the validation code appears be sure to write it on your original survey invitation.


From the La Madeleine Menu

A tour of La Madeliene wouldn’t be complete without checking out the menu (at least a sample of it anyways).  So, without further hesitation, let’s dive in!

Big fish eater?  Then you best order that Roast Salmon and Dill entree (you won’t regret it).

Calling all pasta lovers:  you’d be doing yourself a HUGE disservice if you skip the Pesto Pasta.

More of a meat and potatoes kinda guy?  Well then you sit down to a warm plate of Beef & Parmesan Potatoes.

Well we are at a French restaurant right?  So let’s try a sample of the French favorite Beef Crêpe au Vin Rouge.

Not Frenchy enough for you?  Order the Chicken Crêpe Riviera then!

STILL not Frenchy enough for you?  Then you gotta go with the one and only Chicken Friand!  (it’s one of those puff pastry deals the French are known for).


By the way, if you have general questions about La Madeliene, you can try writing to the chains headquarters in Dallas (the one in Texas).


La Madeleine Headquarters

  • 12201 Merit Drive #900 Dallas, TX 75251


A survey for the upcoming tax season…..

Tell Jackson Hewitt!



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