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Getting Started with the Less Schawb Listens Survey

  • An invoice number must be entered to begin feedback
  • Progress bar is provided to monitor completion status
  • Les Schawb corporate contact information is available

In a world where the first hand opinion of a valued customer is becoming more and more sought after, the online survey has quickly turned into a favorite source for compiling consumer data.  An example of one of these informational “treasure troves” is on display with the Less Schawb Listens survey.  Customers who wouldn’t mind letting the tire giant know how a recent experience went can begin by pulling out the invoice received at the visit (look for the yellow envelope!).  After finding the invoice (provided it’s not already being whisked away by this week’s sanitation pickup) the invoice number can be located and entered into the survey in order to get started with the feedback.  Those who are coming up short as far as the invoice number goes may want to take a peak at the sample image posted at the Less Schawb Listens survey (hint: it’s sandwiched between the store and the salesperson fields).

A Time Out to Look at Products and Services Available at Les Schawb

  • Tire Repair – Why get a whole new tire when many leaks are easily repairable??
  • Alignment – Avoid uneven wearing of tires by getting a professional alignment
  • Snow Chains – Power through the snow-covered roads with a fresh set of chains
  • Specialty Tires – Such as recreational vehicles, trailers, gardening products, etc.
  • Xtreme Plus Battery – Proves it’s toughness with its 84 month limited warranty

Those who want to get a better idea of how far along they are in the feedback process can do so by taking a glance at the progress bar posted at the bottom of the Less Schawb Listens survey.  The survey’s Privacy Policy can be reviewed by clicking the link found at the bottom left hand side of the page (not the most interesting read but sometimes its best to give it a look!).  Corporate-related inquiries for Les Schawb can be directed to the company’s headquarters in Bend, OR.

Les Schawb Headquarters Address

  • PO Box 5350, Bend, OR 97708