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Lia Sophia Settlement

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When a customer receives a lifetime warranty on a product chances are they expect it to be honored.  In fact, when the warranties are alleged to have been breached, legal ramification could be on its way for the business who offered them.  West, et al. v. Act II Jewelry, LLC, et al has recently come to settlement terms where by eligible Class Members can receive a cash payment from a settlement fund that weighs in at a whopping $6.7 MILLION.  The suit was filed over allegations that Act II (used to be called Lia Sophia) broke a promise to customers to provide a lifetime warranty on jewelry sold by its sales advisors.  However, it doesn’t end there as the allegations go on to allege that Act II made misstatements to its sales advisors regarding the closing of the business and unfairly took customer information from them.  As with any story there is a flip side to this one as well as Act II denies the allegations made in the suit along with any wrongdoing whatsoever.  Those who believe they are eligible for a cash payment can begin the claim filing process by going to the Lia Sophia Settlement page and clicking the Submit Claim tab.

Thanks for clearing that up! What else?

  • The deadline by which all claims must be filed (by mail or online) is April 9th, 2018
  • April 9th, 2018 is also the deadline for requests to be excluded as well as objections
  • Includes 3 Classes : Customer Class, Sales Advisor Class, and New Sales Advisor Class
  • A hearing to determine the fairness of the settlement is scheduled for June 6th, 2018
  • Payments will be received around 90 days after a Final Approval Order has be made

The full terms of Class Member eligibility can be reviewed under the How do I know if I am part of the settlement? section of the Long Form Notice.  Class Members who don’t have internet access (or those who just get a thrill out of sending things out through the mail) can send a paper claim form directly to the Settlement Administrator postmarked no later than the April 9th, 2018 deadline.  The Settlement Administrator can also be contacted by those with questions regarding the settlement.  Those who don’t feel like getting on the phone to ask a question may be able to find what they need by going over the Frequently Asked Questions posted at the Lia Sophia Settlement page.

Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 170, Philadelphia, PA 19102-0170
  • 844-412-1945