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Making an Entry to the Little Debbie Free Cake Fridays Giveaway

  • Entries can be made daily via online registration form
  • A quick entry option is available for existing participants
  • Updates from Little Debbie are available at entry

Many people would already call Friday their favorite day of the week (although Saturday may have something to say about that!).  However, it appears things are about to be thrown into overdrive as Little Debbie is going above and beyond to make Fridays EVEN BETTER.  The Little Debbie Free Cake Fridays Giveaway has been officially launched and will be awarding a case of snack cakes to one lucky winner every Friday.  Registration for the giveaway is now open and can be completed by filling out a brief entry form with a name, email address, address, and phone number.  Prior to completing the entry a box must be checked to confirm the rules are agreed to and that the participant is 18 or older (19 in NE and AL).

Speaking of Rules……

  • There is a limit of 1 entry per person in a 24 hour period (patience)
  • Prize winners will be contacted within 2 weeks from the drawing
  • Those who do not respond to accept the prize may forfeit it
  • Prizes that are returned as undeliverable will be forfeited

In addition to the required Official Rules agreement box, there is also an optional box that can be checked by those who want to sign up to receive updates from Little Debbie (might as well stay informed about when the next big giveaway is coming!).  Once the entry has been successfully completed (and 24 hours has passed) the Already entered? button can be clicked to make another entry to the giveaway.  After clicking the button an email address must be entered to complete the additional entry.

Little Debbie Free Cake Fridays Giveaway:  Final Notes

  • Begins on September 17th, 2019 and runs all the way into March of next year
  • There is a new style of snack cake awarded for each month of the giveaway
  • The odds of winning a prize depends upon the amount of eligible entries
  • Additional entries may be earned by following and sharing on Twitter (score!)

The full list of prizes (including the style of snack cake being awarded for the month) can be reviewed under section 7 of the Official Rules posted at the registration page.  In addition to the electronic copy, a hard copy of the Official Rules can be requested by writing to the Sponsor.  The Sponsor can also be contacted to request a list of the names of those who won a prize.

Little Debbie Free Cake Fridays Giveaway Sponsor

  • McKee Foods Corporation
  • 10260 McKee Rd., Collegedale, TN 37315


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