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Activating an M2 Credit Care Account

  • Account number and security code will be needed
  • Account holders can register to receive estatements
  • M2 Credit Care contact information is available

Those who have signed up to finance outstanding hospital bills through M2 Credit Care can get started by first activating the account.  The account activation process can be initiated by going to the M2 Activation page and entering the account number and security code (those who don’t have the security code can try entering the last 4 digits of their SSN instead).  Once both pieces of required information have been entered the Continue button can be clicked to proceed with the account activation process.  After the account has been successfully activated many convenient features become available such as credit or debit card payments, instructions on paying by check, and the ability to sign up to receive estatements.  Those who are having trouble locating the account or routing number needed to make a payment by check can refer to the sample image posted at the top of the M2 Activation page (the image highlights and labels all of the numbers found at the bottom of a check).

More on M2 Credit Care

  • Payment plans can be as long as 5 years (always nice to have a little wiggle room)
  • Plans charge ZERO prepayment penalties and come with ZERO annual fees (NICE!)
  • Being part of a plan offered by M2 does not negatively impact one’s credit score
  • An estimated monthly payment is provided at enrollment (planning ahead is good)
  • Account details are provided in a monthly billing statement (balance, payments, etc.)

It should be pointed out that the security code used to activate an account can be found above the dotted line of the tear away section of the billing statement.  Please note that payments made for less than the minimum payment may be charged a late fee of $25 (avoid those fees if at all possible!).  Those who are having problems getting into an account can try calling 800-230-6875 for assistance.  All correspondence for M2 Credit Care can be sent to the company’s PO Box in Mooresville, NC.

M2 Credit Care Mailing Address

  • PO Box 5413, Mooresville, NC 28117