www.macc.as/feedback – Take Maccas Survey for a FREE Item!

How to Get Free Food with the Maccas Feedback Survey

  • Customers must confirm the restaurant location to begin
  • Participants can choose from one of three available offers
  • Maccas provides a full copy of the offer’s Terms & Conditions

When it comes to fast food, there’s one thing restaurants can always do to keep their customers happy:  give it away FOR FREE.  Based upon the offer associated with its online survey, it appears Maccas has an incredibly firm grasp on this concept.  For instance, customers who complete the Maccas Feedback survey will receive an offer good for one of three menu items free with ANY purchase (unlike the Talk 2 BP AU survey, it’s a sure thing!).  In order to begin the survey, the customer must first enter a store number, postcode, or suburb to help find the correct restaurant.  Once the location is confirmed, customers can complete the brief survey to receive the offer.

Juicy Details of the Maccas Feedback Survey Offer

  • Customers can choose from either a soft serve cone, a small fry, or a 3 piece nugget
  • Maccas will send the offer via email to those who successfully complete the survey
  • Customers must use the offer within 7 days (don’t let the free food go to waste!)
  • Participants can begin the online survey by going to www.macc.as/feedback

In order to receive the offer, participants must take the email voucher to the Maccas they provided feedback on.  Once inside the restaurant, the customer must present the voucher to a crew member when placing an order of ANY item on the menu (after that all there’s left to do is CHOW DOWN!).

Maccas Feedback Survey Offer:  A Few Thing to Keep in Mind

  • The top value play is the 3 piece nuggets with a recommend retail price (RRP) of $3
  • A small french fries has a RRP of $2.20 (sometimes they’re just too good to pass up)
  • Coming last in terms of RRP is the soft serve at just $0.50 (they sure are sweet though)
  • Tip:  For the best overall value request the nuggets and order the cheapest item

By the way, customers are limited to one offer per day (that sure does add up to a lot of free food for frequent diners).  Additionally, customers are unable to use the offer with any other discount.  Finally, customer must submit their first name, last name, and email address when taking the survey to receive the free offer.

McDonald’s Australia Limited

  • 21 – 29 Central Ave.
  • Thornleigh, New South Wales 2120
  • (02) 9875 6666

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