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Make My Trip My Wallet

  • Use booking refunds to make purchases

Travelers having a hard time managing their travel refunds can hopefully gain some much needed stress relief with the Make My Trip My Wallet account.   With this handy account customers can use their booking refunds to make quick purchases in the future through the Make My Trip checkout page.

How do I book a trip using Make My Trip My Wallet?

  • Customers will need to select the option Cancel & Refund to My Wallet when cancelling a booking in order to add money to their account
  • When making a new booking customers will need to hit the My Wallet option on the payment page
  • Customers that do not have to enough money in their account to cover the booking will need to pay the balance using another form of payment

While the refund and purchase processes seem easy enough, some customers may be wondering if there is any advantage to getting refunds and making purchases through their Make My Trip My Wallet account.  It turns out there are quite a few advantages customers should enjoy:

  • Customers will not have to wait around for their refund to arrive by snail mail as refunds requested to My Wallet are instant
  • When making a booking customers will not have to fumble around entering their credit card information as the cash will be ready to roll for an instant purchase
  • My Wallet users can look forward to many exclusive offers
  • Customers will not have to stress out about a transaction being declined as My Wallet transactions have a 100% success rate

Make My Trip is India’s leading online travel company offering a variety of products such as air tickets, holiday packages, and hotel bookings.   The company was founded in 2002 and has offices located throughout India.



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