www.mastercardconnect.com – Account Login Mastercard Connect

Entering the Mastercard Connect Portal

  • Existing users can login with User ID and password
  • New users can complete online registration process
  • Over the phone customer support is available

Connecting with a credit card company no longer has to be a process one would rather avoid.  At least not for those who have an account with Mastercard.  The Mastercard Connect customer portal can be accessed by entering a User ID and password before clicking the Sign In button to proceed into the account.  Those who are having trouble getting into an account due to a lost password or PIN can enter a User ID to initiate the reset process and proceed with answering the previously chosen security questions.  The same process can be followed for those who wish to replace a SecurID (just click the links posted beneath the login fields).  Those who have yet to register for access to the Mastercard Connect portal can click the Sign Up button to begin (might as well get it done now rather than pushing it back to a “tomorrow” that doesn’t end up arriving until next year!).

Stuff to Keep in Mind About Mastercard Connect

  • Adobe Reader 8 or higher and Adobe Flash 9 or higher are recommended
  • Using and signing up for an account is FREE (some applications may cost)
  • Each user must have their own individual account (sorry no account sharing)
  • Those who don’t login regularly face the risk of the account being deleted
  • Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are recommended browsers

In order to begin the registration form a User ID, password, and two security questions must be created (click the ? icons to learn about the requirements for the password and User ID).  Questions about Mastercard connect can be addressed by reviewing the information found under the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at the right hand side of the login page.  Those with questions can try calling Mastercard Global Customer Service at 800-999-0363.  Corporate-related questions for the company can be addressed by reaching out to the Mastercard headquarters in Purchase, NY.

Mastercard Global Headquarters

  • 2000 Purchase St., Purchase, NY 10577
  • 914-249-2000