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Filing for the Medicredit CIPA Settlement

  • Claims can be submitted online or by mail
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided
  • Administrator can be contacted for help

The case called Raffin v. Medicredit, Inc. has recently come to a settlement agreement in which the Defendants will set aside $5,000,000 to go towards compensating the plaintiffs and paying costs and fees associated with the litigation (when it’s all said and done a number around $3,000,000 should be left to go towards paying the claims).  The settlement, if approved, will resolve allegations that the Defendant violated California’s Invasion of Privacy Act by recording calls without consent of the recipients.  It should be pointed out that the Defendant denies the allegations but has agreed to the settlement in order to avoid the costs of taking the case deeper into litigation (those bills can start piling up quickly!).  Those who believe they are eligible for compensation can begin by going to the Medicredit CIPA Settlement page and clicking Submit a Claim tab to enter a Claim Number (or affected phone number for those who can’t seem to scrounge up the Claim Number).

Important Information on the Medicredit CIPA Settlement

  • The deadline to get a claim filed is September 8th, 2018 (both mail and online filing)
  • Exclusion requests and objections must be submitted no later than October 15th, 2018
  • The Final Approval Hearing is currently scheduled to be held on November 19th, 2018
  • Those who fail to submit a claim on time will get nothing and lose the rights to sue
  • Payment amounts will depend on the total amount of eligible claims that are filed

It’s important to emphasize that the calls in question must have been received between June 29th, 2014, and February 26th, 2015.  Those who plan on filing by mail must make sure the correspondence is post-marked no later than the September 8th filing deadline.  Questions can be addressed by reviewing the information found in the FAQs located in the notice and at the Medicredit CIPA Settlement page.  The Settlement Administrator can also be contacted directly in the event questions still remain after a dive into the FAQs.

Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 2730, Portland, OR 97208-2730
  • 888-736-0656