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  • The access code from a receipt is needed to get started
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A meal eaten while at a hospital or other medical facility is one that is likely not soon forgotten (it’s not everyday one eats a meal at a hospital right?).  Those who still have fresh in mind a meal received from a hospital serviced by Morrison Healthcare can now provide some thoughtful feedback on the experience through the company’s online customer satisfaction survey.  In order to get started with the MHC Feedback survey, it will first be necessary to enter the access code shown on the receipt received from the purchase.  Once the code has been successfully entered (be like Santa Claus check it twice if need be!) the Start button can be clicked to proceed.  Those who would like to get a better idea of how information provided during the feedback process is shared can do so by clicking the Privacy Policy link posted at the bottom of the MHC Feedback survey.

Food for Thought on Morrison Healthcare

  • Origins date back to the 1950’s and a small establishment called Morrison Cafeteria
  • Morrison Healthcare was established in 1990 with about 300 healthcare accounts
  • Currently serves more than 650 hospitals and healthcare systems (what a reach!)
  • Was named a “Top 100 Best Place to Work in Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare
  • Provides work to more than 17,000 professional food service teams members

Those with questions about the MHC Feedback survey can try clicking the Survey Questions? link found at the bottom of the page to fill out the available online contact form (when in doubt start asking questions!).  Questions for Morrison Healthcare that have nothing at all to do with the survey can be addressed by calling 800-225-4368.  Those who don’t feel like getting on the phone can try submitting a question to the company’s mailing address in Atlanta, GA.

Morrison Healthcare Address

  • 400 Northridge RD., Suite 600
  • Atlanta, GA 30350