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How to Find Out More About the Mobile Phone Class Action

  • Consumers can sign up to receive notices and updates
  • The settlement site contains status of the litigation
  • The Notice Administrator can help answer questions

The Qualcomm Antitrust Litigation has the potential to become one of the largest class action settlements of ALL TIME and is currently brewing in the District Court of Northern California (even bigger than the EXP Data Breach Settlement).  However, before this can happen, the parties involved need to strike a deal and thus eliminate the need for the trial scheduled for June 24th, 2019.  In order to sign up to receive status updates (hopefully one that says settlement dollars are on the way), consumers can click the Register Me button at the cases’ designated website.  While signing up, the consumer must provide a name and email address (phone number and mailing address are optional).

More on the Mobile Phone Class Action

  • The Plaintiffs allege the Defendants raised phone prices by using anticompetitive tactics
  • The court has yet to make any final decision on the merits of either parties’ arguments
  • Phones in question must have contained LTE, UMTS, or CDMA technology (most phones)
  • Consumers must have purchased the phone after February 11th, 2011 to be eligible

In addition to signing up for updates, consumers can also view a list of all cell phones included in the litigation directly from the case’s website (it may take a minute to find your phone as the list is absolutely MASSIVE).  Meanwhile, consumers can also stay in touch by following the litigation on Facebook (just click the icon at the top of the page).

By the way, those who don’t want to be a part of the suit can request to be excluded (and retain their rights to start their own lawsuit).  However, all exclusion requests must be received by the administrator no later than the March 22nd, 2019 deadline.  In addition to collecting exclusion requests, the administrator is also available to answer questions.

Mobile Phone Class Action Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 170500, Milwaukee, WI 53217
  • info@mobilephoneclassaction.com


A Class Action That’s Actually Settled

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