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Movie Pass Costco Offer

  • Redemption code will be needed to redeem offer
  • Frequently Asked Questions provided for support
  • Costco corporate contact information is available

Most Costco members likely have a pretty good understanding of the many benefits that come with the membership.  However, one very value benefit that may have gone undiscovered by many is the Movie Pass Costco coupon offer.  Those who wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks on this exciting new theatrical subscription service can begin by going to Costco online to receive a redemption code.  Once the redemption code has been secured it can be entered at the Movie Pass Costco offer registration page along with a name, email address, password, payment method (credit card or PayPal accepted), address (billing and shipping), phone number, and phone type.  After all of the required information has been entered the Redeem My Coupon button can be clicked to finished the offer redemption process and complete the account registration.  Those who are scratching their heads in confusion may want to take a few minutes to gather their bearings and browse the Frequently Asked Questions linked at the bottom of the Movie Pass Costco offer registration page.

Wait, what on earth is Movie Pass??

  • Allows subscribers to see 1 2D movie in theaters every 24 hours (sorry 3D enthusiasts!)
  • Can now be used in more than 3,700 theaters all across the country (coverage galore!)
  • Includes an app and card that allows for the live purchase of tickets at theater kiosks
  • Good for the top titles and never surprises subscribers with annoying black out dates

It should be noted that even non-Costco members can take advantage of the offer as long as they’re ready and willing to fork over a 5% surcharge at checkout (not a bad deal at all when one considers the true value of the offer).  Potential subscribers who don’t feel like going through every single FAQ just to find one specific answer can cut to the chase by clicking the Support button posted at the bottom of the Movie Pass Costco offer registration page where a specific question can be entered to pull up all the relevant information (the FAQ link may be easier for those with questions by the boatload).  Those who want to stay in touch with Movie Pass on social media can do so by clicking the icons posted at the bottom of the page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  Corporate-related questions for Costco can be directed to the store’s corporate offices.

Costco Corporate Offices Contact Information

  • Mailing Address – PO Box 34331, Seattle, WA 98124
  • Physical Address – 999 Lake Drive, Issaquah, WA 98027