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  • Online access to pay medical bills
  • Customer chat support available

MSN Healthcare Solutions is making it easier for patients to pay the medical bill they receive as a result of medical treatment.  Medical treatment recipients looking to settle up with their provider will need to get online and visit the MSN Healthcare Solutions Patient Portal.

Upon arriving at the Patient Portal users will see that the site can assist with a variety of different medical bills such as radiology billing, anesthesiology billing, multi-specialty billing, physician billing, ambulance billing, revenue cycle management, and practice management.   Medical care recipients that are unsure which type of bill they are attempting to pay can refer to the convenient online chat support feature that can be found at the top right side of the Patient Portal page.  Users that click on this feature will be assisted by a live representative through an online chat session. If there is no representative available chat users can enter their name, email address, Client ID, Account Number, patient date of birth, phone number, and reason for contact so that a representative can review and respond back.  Users that want their questions answered the old fashion way can pick up the phone and call 800-841-4236 or write to MSN Health Care Solutions Home Office at 717 20th Street PO Box 2787 Columbus, GA 31902.

Users that have no further questions and want to proceed with the online bill payment will need to click on the Pay Online feature located on the MSN Healthcare Solutions Patient Portal.  After clicking this feature users will  be directed to a new page where they will need to enter their Username and Password to login and proceed with the payment. User that do not already have an account can register from this page by clicking on the Register button.  To register users should be prepared to have a past statement and valid email address as both will be required.



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