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My AI Campus

  • Existing users can login with a username
  • New users can register for an account
  • Technical support is available by phone

Student portals have quickly become an almost irreplaceable aspect of the educational system.  With that being said, many students at The Art Institutes would likely find it fairly hard to get along without the trusty My AI Campus portal.  Those who need access can sign in by entering a username and account password into the login fields before clicking the Login button.  Students who have forgotten one of both pieces of their login credentials (it’s easy to see how this could happen with all of the many items stacked high upon the plate of the modern student) can click the Forgot your username or password? link to begin the account recovery process.  The process of recovering a username can be initiated by entering a campus, last name, and email address while the process of recovering a password can be initiated by entering a username.  Students who experience technical difficulties can try calling 866-642-2711 for 24/7 assistance with the My AI Campus portal.

Online Programs Available from The Art Institutes

  • Bachelor’s Degree – A specialized degree that is job requirement at many companies
  • Associates Degree – A more generalized degree that can be a step to the Bachelors’s
  • Diploma – A non-degree program to help gain experience in a new area of interest
  • Certificate – Programs that usually require focus in a specialized area (non-degree)

New students who have yet to sign up for access to the My AI Campus portal (probably a good idea to get this done as soon as possible) can begin the registration process by either entering a Social Security Number OR Student ID and name (first and last).  Once one of the required pieces of information has been entered a campus can be selected before clicking the Submit button to continue with the registration.  Those with questions for The Art Institutes can try getting in touch with the main campus located in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Arts Institutes Main Campus

  • 1400 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • 877-872-8869