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A Guide to My Device Info. Xfinity Customers!

  • A zip and download speed are needed to begin
  • Xfinity customer account login is provided
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available

Let’s face it, new technology isn’t always the easiest thing for folks to get a firm grasp on.  Xfinity customers who agree with this statement may be glad to learn about the company’s one stop shop for finding compatible retail equipment options.  The My Device Info portal from Xfinity can be used by first entering a service zip code along with a download speed.  Once both pieces of information have been entered the Find Equipment button can be clicked to proceed to a list of available options.  Customers who want to know more about a device can click the View Details link to bring up all the specs and details.  Once a device has been decided upon the Buy Equipment button can be clicked to move forward with the purchase.

A Few Examples of Available Equipment

  • Motorola MB8600 – A cable modem capable of a whopping 1001 Mbps
  • Netgear C7800 – A speedy modem that includes a built in WiFI (score!)
  • Netgear CM1000 -1AZNAS – No built in WiFi is included with this one
  • ARRIS SB8200 – Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of all modems

The desired specs of a device can be filtered at any time by using the side bar posted to the left of the My Device Info Xfinity portal (filter by download speed, brand, voice enabled, built-in WiFi, DOCSIS channels, and DOCSIS version).  Customers who are having second thoughts about a purchase may want to review the information found under the Rent Equipment tab at the bottom of the page (sometimes renting is just the better option).  Questions about compatible devices can likely be answered by clicking the Get Help tab to review the available FAQs.

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