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Getting Started With a Myer Credit Card Application

  • Applicants must enter preliminary information to begin
  • The system provides applicants with a Key Fact Sheet
  • Applicants can call with questions about the process

Customers who want to take their relationship with Myer to the next level may want to think about applying for the Myer Visa Credit Card.  The card allows customers to earn UNCAPPED Myer One credits on purchases at Myer or a Myer One partner.  In addition to the uncapped credits, customers can also receive 6 months of NO INTEREST on purchases at Myer of $250 or more in a single transaction.  Customers who decide to take the plunge and apply for the card can begin by going to the Myer Credit Card page and clicking the Apply Now button.  After clicking the button, customers must then enter a name and confirm if they are asking for the maximum amount of credit prior to starting an application.

Fun and Informative Facts on the Myer Credit Card

  • Minimum repayments are 2.5% of the balance or $50 (whichever is greater)
  • Cardholders must pay a balance in full if it less than $50 (just eliminate it!)
  • The card comes with an interest rate of 20.69% on purchases and advances
  • Cardholders ARE NOT subjected to a pesky annual fee for the first year
  • The card charges a fee of $35 per statement period on late payments

The application process starts with basic information about the potential cardholder before delving into the financial details.  Prior to submitting the application, applicants can request a balance transfer to the new card and add an additional cardholder if needed (might as well share the spending power!).

Final Notes on the Myer Credit Card

  • After the first year cardholders must pay an ongoing annual fee of $69
  • Cardholders are protected by the Visa’s Zero Liability policy (a relief)
  • The online account provides budget tacking a transaction categories

Applicants with questions about the application process can get help by calling 13 16 17.  In addition to application help, the same number can be called to activate the card once it arrives.  The Meyer Credit Card is issued by Macquarie Bank Limited.

Macquarie Bank Limited Contact Information

  • 50 Martin Place
  • Sydney NWS 2000
  • +61 2 8232 3333





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