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My Ground Biz

  • Login online at designated webpage
  • Registration for first time users

Independent contractors teaming with FedEx Ground can gain access to their accounts online through the My Ground Biz account login page by entering their FedEx Ground ID numbers (ID numbers can be located on the front of FXG security badge).  My Ground Biz first time users will need to complete a registration form in order to activate an account and login.

Registration Form

  • Registration form requires users to enter their Contractor ID, email address, first and last name, company, and domicile location
  • Users will need to specify preferred language (English, French Canadian, Spanish)
  • Type of business unit will need to be confirmed – FedEX Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, Linehaul, or Canada
  • Users will need to choose between either HTML or Plain Text for preferred email format
  • After competing the registration form users will receive an account activation email
  • Users will not be able to login to My Ground Biz until the account activation is complete

Users that are having problems getting into their accounts can complete a contact form via link posted on the My Ground Biz page.  To complete the contact form users will need to enter their User Contractor ID, name, facility number, phone number, and email address.  The area of inquiry will also need to be specified in order to complete the contact form (MGB general site feedback, MGB technical/login issue, MGBA technical/login issue, contact contractor relations representative).  Users will be able to finish the form by entering a subject and a brief description detailing what exactly their inquiry is about.  My Ground Biz users that would rather talk to someone live for login assistance can pick up the phone and dial 1-800-HELPMIS (435-7647)

FedEx Corporation is a transportation, e-commerce, and business services company doing business in United States and internationally.  The company was founded in 1961 and has headquarters in Memphis, TN.  To reach FedEx Corporation headquarters please write to 3610 Hacks Cross Rd, Memphis, TN 38125 or call 901-369-3600.



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