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My Heritage DNA Set Up Overview

  • Account registration is required to begin
  • Existing users can sign in to start the process
  • MyHeritage contact information is available
  • FAQS are also available at www.myheritagedna.com/setup

Asking someone the common question of where they’re from can generate some very interesting answers.   Of course, we probably owe this to all the new DNA services flooding the market these days.  An example of one such service is MyHeritage DNA.

Steps for Activating Your Kit at www.myheritagedna.com/setup

Once you receive your kit you can begin the MyHeritage DNA set up a process by filling out a short online registration form with an email address, birth year, name (last and first), password, and gender.

Before you hit the Go button, you’ll need to check a box to confirm you accept the associated Service Terms and Privacy Policy (there’s no excuse for not knowing what has been agreed to as a link is provided for both!).

Meanwhile, if you’ve already signed up for an account, you can skip registration and login to begin the MyHeritage DNA set up process.  Once the kit has been successfully activated you’ll be well on their way to being able to provide a much more interesting answer to the question of “where are you from?”.

Plans from MyHeritage DNA

  • Premium Family – Provides users with access to 2 paid collections in the super search
  • Premium Plus Family  – Users receive access to all 4 of the collections that are offered
  • Data Subscription – Access to BILLIONS of records (hard to get more comprehensive!)
  • Complete Plan – The best available plan offers access to nearly 7 billion historical records

By the way, if you’re at a standstill with the MyHeritage DNA set up process due to a lost or forgotten password you can begin the account recovery process.  In order to do so, simply enter the email address used at registration (directions on how to create a new password will be sent via email).

MyHeritage DNA Results Login

  • Just like when activating your kit, you’ll need to enter an email address and password
  • Likewise, you’ll also have access to online account recovery if you’re having problems getting in to see your results
  • You can also decide to get premium service or order DNA kits directly from the results login screen
  • Other cool features available include a family tree option along with historical records

Additionally, if you want to change the language used to complete the kit activation process, click the link posted at the top right-hand side of the page (over 40 languages are available so chances are at least one will do the trick!).

My Heritage DNA Reviews

Who would have thought finding out who I really am would have been so easy? – Jan F.

Finally, some clarity on lineage.  This settles plenty of family arguments! – John G.

Got this as a gift and didn’t get around to checking it out for quite some time.  I’m sure glad I finally decided to take the plunge.  Very cool. –  Leon B.

From start to finish the whole process was way more simple than I thought.  I only wish I would have done it sooner! – Carol D.

Need technical support?  Try calling between the hours of 11 PM and 3 PM MST Sunday through Thursday!  Here’s the number!

MyHeritage Technical Support Number for United States & Canada

  • 800-MYHERITAGE (800-987-9000)



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