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My HT Space

  • Existing users can login to an online account
  • New users can begin account registration
  • Online login credential recovery is available

The last thing any employee needs is trouble gaining access to a benefits portal due to an out of date web browser.  Fortunately, many benefit portals now provide a list of compatible browsers to help alleviate this annoyance.  An example of such is the My HT Space portal for Harris Teeter employees.  Employees who are uncertain as to whether or not they are using an adequate browser can click the Browser Requirement link posted at the bottom of the portal to bring up a list of ones that are compatible.  Those who conclude they are using an outdated browser can click one of the links provided to be directed to the site where the preferred version can be downloaded (nothing like getting caught up with the latest and greatest!).  Once the browser has been successfully installed the My HT Space portal can be entered using a username and account password.  Those who prefer to access the portal using a different language can make use of the handy links posted at the bottom right hand side of the portal (English, French, and Spanish are available).

A Thoughtful Look at Harris Teeter

  • Is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co. (along with many other stores!)
  • Founded in 1960 in North Carolina by W.T. Harris and Willis Teeter (deep roots)
  • Runs more than 230 stores and 14 fuel centers throughout 7 states (and DC)
  • Is also involved in the distribution game with centers in North Carolina cities
  • Provides work for more than 30,000 employees (that’s a lot of pay checks!)

Those who can’t recall the login credentials used to access the My HT Space portal can click the Forgot your username or password? link to begin the account recovery process.  New users can begin the process of creating an online account by entering a company key, date of birth, and SSN.  Customers with questions for Harris Teeter can reach out to the store’s customer relations department by phone or in writing (don’t underestimate the satisfaction of a well-penned letter!).

Harris Teeter Customer Relations

  • PO Box 10100, Matthews, NC 28106-0100
  • 800-432-6111 (go ahead and hit option 2)