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  • Access is not available at certain times of the week
  • Instructions on how to make updates are provided
  • Meijer corporate contact information is available

One of the nicest things about a work-related portal is its ability to be available whenever the time comes to take care of business (otherwise known as TCB!).  However, as available as most portals are, sometimes even the most flexible of the bunch still needs a little “me time”.  For instance, employees who are looking to gain access to the My Info Meijer portal between the hours of 11:15 PM EST on a Saturday and 4 AM EST on a Sunday will soon find out that the portal will NOT be available for use during these hours (it sure seems like there would be PLENTY of more interesting things to do during this specific time of the week anyways).  In addition to this brief 5 hour window of unavailability, certain links found within the Payroll menu of the system cannot be used between the hours of 4 PM EST and 11 PM EST on Mondays and between 11 AM EST on Tuesdays and 6 AM EST on Wednesdays.  Those who arrive at the My Info Meijer portal at any other time besides the previously mentioned 5 hour block on Saturday night through Sunday morning can login to an account by entering an ID along with an account password before clicking the Sign In button.

Cool Gifts Available Through the Meijer Retiree Gift Program

  • Custom Woven Tapestry Throw – Not to be mistaken for a golden parachute!
  • Custom Woven Tapestry Pillow – Just like the blanket but smaller and more fluffy
  • Nike Golf Dri-Fit Mesh Hat – Shows the Meijer logo and amount of service years
  • Core 36 Techno Lite Unlined Vest – A lightweight vest that’s in no way light on style
  • Hanes Ultimate Cotton Sweatshirt – Because retirement should be VERY comfortable!

Employees who see information within the My Info Meijer portal that isn’t correct can click the Instructions link for information on how account profile updates can be made.  Immediate assistance with on the job benefits is available by calling the Meijer Rewards Service Center at 866-681-6116 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM EST Monday through Friday.  Those with corporate-related questions for Meijer can try reaching out to the company’s offices in Grand Rapids, MI.

Meijer Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 2929 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544
  • 616-453-6711