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Online Access to My Pearl Policy

  • Existing users can login to manage an account
  • Payments can be made without logging in
  • Pearl contact information is available

It’s always nice when something as simple as an online payment can be made without the extra step of logging into an account first.  An example of such a convenient set up can be found at the My Pearl Policy account access page.  Those who would rather skip the step of logging in before making a quick payment can do so by clicking the Make a Payment button and entering a policy number, zip code, and date of birth before clicking the Continue button to proceed towards the payment information.  Similarly, customers who only need to get their hands on new ID cards can do so without logging in by clicking the Get ID Cards button and entering the same information needed to make a payment.  Those who actually need to enter an account can do so by entering an email address and password into the My Pearl Policy account access page before clicking the Login button (because every once in a while an account actually needs to be managed!).

About Pearl Holding Group

  • Represents both Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance as well as Equity Insurance
  • Has been doing business in the state of Florida dating all the way back to 1991
  • Sells products only through the independent agent channel (a VERY good thing)
  • Products include liability, PIP, collision, comprehensive, and UM coverages
  • Offers a roadside assist program that can be added to ANY policy (good idea)

Those who have yet to sign up for online account access can begin by clicking the Sign Up button and entering an email address, date of birth, policy number, and password (signing up for convenient online access is ALWAYS a good idea).  The My Pearl Policy mobile app can be downloaded by clicking the icons posted at the bottom left hand side of the account access page (even MORE convenient than traditional online access).  Customers who need to file a new claim (or check status of an existing one) can try getting in touch with the Pearl Holding Group claims department.

Pearl Holding Groups Claims Contact Information

  • PO Box 451119, Sunrise, FL 33345
  • Phone – 954-587-2299
  • Fax – 954-584-9955