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My Shed Kits

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  • A variety of kits are available to choose from
  • FREE eBooks are available to be downloaded

A 5 percent savings offer is lucrative enough on its own to garner plenty of attention from potential consumers.  However, when that very offer is combined with the opportunity to receive not one but TWO FREE eBooks, mere attention can quickly escalate into outright HYSTERIA.  Subscribers of The Family Handy Man magazine who are interested in such a deal should look no further than the special offer available from The Shed Kit Store.  The offer can be initiated by going to the My Shed Kits page and clicking the HERE link to shop the extensive listings of available products.  When the desired kit has been located the Add to Cart button can be clicked to proceed towards the online checkout (options can be selected prior to adding the product to the cart).  In order to receive the 5 percent savings offer the code Handy2018C must be entered when checking out (don’t want to miss out on those savings!).

Some Available Kits from Best Barns

  • Arlington Storage Shed Kit – It even includes a second floor loft (time for a nap!)
  • Brookfield Storage Shed Kit – Throw on a DELUXE floor for only $765.00 more
  • Danbury Outdoor Shed Kit – Its outstanding height provides plenty of storage
  • Greenbriar Garage Kit – The actual garage door must be purchased separately
  • Woodville Barn Kit – Access the loft through the convenient exterior loft door

Those who are interested in the FREE available eBooks (“4 Things You Need to Know When Shopping for a Shed” and “How to Select the Right Shed for Your Backyard”) can click the links posted at the bottom of the My Shed Kits page to begin downloading.  The link found at the top right hand of the page can be clicked by those who wish to sign up to receive special offers in the future (might as well keep the good times rolling!).  Those with questions for The Shed Kit Store can try reaching out to the company by phone or through mail correspondence.

The Shed Kit Store Contact Information

  • 205 Arlington Dr., Greenville, PA 16125
  • 724-646-3775